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“A festival that just kept giving with a continuous thread of compassion woven throughout.”

“What a great event! Hope this becomes an annual thing to help ‘water our seeds.’ See you there next time.” 

“I am so, so glad that I went to this festival. The speakers really helped me to reconnect and reignite my passion for Mindfulness. Unfortunately, of late, my light dimmed somewhat and I lost my direction. However, walking away from this festival today my light was fully beaming and I was feeling excited about the direction that I'll be taking Mindfulness next.” 

“Already cannot wait for next years' event.”

“Great day and fantastic speakers!”

“An insightful and inspiring day - thank you.”

“What a great day it was with great speakers that made the day, the day it was and the bonus of enhancing my own learning on this subject and how it goes a long way in complementing everything I do in Wellbeing and Mental Health. Thank you for a great day and I’m looking forward to the weekend of 29/30th Oct 2022 where I can experience great things again.”

“Amazing, positive, inspiring day.”

“The Festival delivered a great inspirational programme with a wealth of professional speakers who gave passionate talks, which were engaging, informative and fun… providing lots of information and evidence as to how Mindfulness had not only improved their lives but that of other people in the community.”

“Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of the event. It was fantastic. I am going to ‘go and open the door’.”

“I want to do it all over again today. Still buzzing with inspiration.”

“What a day! Huge thanks to Christoph and his wonderful volunteers for putting on such a fantastic event -it was a great success!”

“The festival has been such a positive event.” 

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