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"Wonderful to see it going from strength to strength. And what a line-up we enjoyed!"

"I've come away with new ideas, updated knowledge, and I'm feeling refreshed and re-inspired."

"A real privilege to attend the Manchester Mindfulness Festival today. So many incredible, thought-provoking sessions and speakers. I've come away feeling positive, motivated and hopeful for what we can achieve when supporting people with long-term conditions."


"Inspiring day at the Manchester Mindfulness Festival. So much to think about. Thanks to the organisers and participants - so much great sharing."


"On my way home after a wonderful, thought-provoking experience at The Manchester Mindfulness Festival. A huge thank you for organising such a lovely, participative day!"


"Thank you for organising this fantastic event! There were many highlights and so much inspiration for me to take back to our school and community."


"It certainly was a great day, met old friends and made new ones and thoroughly enjoyed The Manchester Walk with Liz Lord. Thank you to Christoph and everyone involved."

"Thank you so much for making such a welcoming, helpful space for us all. It was our first time attending and we loved it and have taken so much away with us. Thank you for all your hard work and for making it all happen. It’s good to know this encouraging community exists."


"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic event and give some feedback. I would highly recommend it to anyone, even to someone who knows little about mindfulness. I went with my mum who is unfamiliar with mindfulness and never goes to these kinds of events and she had a great day too. I will definitely be going again next year. The speakers were engaging and I loved the range of topics that were covered. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming and the venue couldn’t have been more perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I would even go as far as to say that it was a life-changing experience. I have had my own personal mindfulness practice for many years now and have often thought that I would love to become a mindfulness teacher one day and get involved in community projects but it always just seemed like an unreachable dream. Thanks to this event I have seen first-hand that there are many people involved in many inspiring projects related to mindfulness in the community. This event has inspired me to take the next step and look into doing some further training. I believe this to be an extremely important topic that can benefit us not only as individuals but also has the power to create positive social change. Thank you to the organiser for all the work that went into it and to all the speakers! My hope is that this event will get bigger and bigger every year. Thanks again! All the best," Rosa

"Such deep learning. I am feeling full of gratitude."

"I was reminded of the importance of investing in ourselves, of continuing to learn and develop in our chosen fields, and of the inspiring benefits of sitting in a room of people from the same field as me!"


"Brilliant event. Thanks again for holding such a fantastic space for us all to connect and share."


"The place was brimming with kindness, compassion, and positivity. It was indeed about going beyond our individual practice and the beauty of a great community was clearly visible."

“A festival that just kept giving with a continuous thread of compassion woven throughout.”


“I am so, so glad that I went to this festival. The speakers really helped me to reconnect and reignite my passion for Mindfulness. Unfortunately, of late, my light dimmed somewhat and I lost my direction. However, walking away from this festival today my light was fully beaming and I was feeling excited about the direction that I'll be taking Mindfulness next.” ​​

“The Festival delivered a great inspirational programme with a wealth of professional speakers who gave passionate talks, which were engaging, informative, and fun… providing lots of information and evidence as to how Mindfulness had not only improved their lives but that of other people in the community.”


“Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of the event. It was fantastic. I am going to ‘go and open the door’.”

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