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Join us on 21 October for the third edition!
5 sessions, 2 rooms, 9 talks  

The Bridgewater Hall
(Barbirolli & Circle Foyer)
A day of talks, practice, and community
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2023 Theme: Keeping Mindfulness Relevant

The Manchester Mindfulness Festival is an independently-organised event that aims to serve the community with a rich programme filled with highly informative mindfulness-based talks and workshops, making mindfulness more easily available to everyone and inspiring ripples across the region and beyond.

The festival enables many connections, leading to the creation of community initiatives, creative partnerships, and other projects based on the social application of mindfulness, a practice that often appears as me-centric due to its inward focus but can significantly contribute to a more inclusive world.

"So many incredible, thought-provoking sessions and speakers. I've come away feeling positive, motivated, and hopeful for what we can achieve when supporting people with long-term conditions."

"Thank you for organising this fantastic event! There were many highlights and so much inspiration for me to take back to our school and community."

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Committed to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
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