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Theme: Beyond Personal Practice 



Mindful Conversations 

There is no more powerful way that our mindfulness practice can impact our lives than in our relationships. In this talk, Natalie will explore the ways that bringing awareness, acceptance, compassion and non-judgement to our conversations can enrich our relationships with ourselves, our communities, our loved ones and perhaps even our enemies! As a counsellor and community mindfulness teacher, Natalie witnesses daily the power of words; she will share stories and guidance on how you can benefit from mindful conversations. Find out more about her work at and connect on Instagram @natalirossiterwellbeing 



Room to Breathe 

Louise is the Health and Wellbeing Manager at Manchester Art Gallery as well as a Museums and Wellbeing Consultant. Having been with the gallery for 15 years, she oversees a programme of events, workshops and exhibitions that explore the relationship between art and mindfulness. Louise has developed different courses that use art and creativity as a tool to learn and practice mindfulness and often works in partnership with Greater Manchester Mental Health Services, Manchester Mind and other mental health organisations. From drop-in public workshops that guide people in mindful looking to curating the gallery's first mindful exhibition, Louise has pioneered mindfulness practice in the cultural sector. She works with other museums and galleries across the nation supporting them to develop wellbeing programmes and has been invited to speak about her work in various cities across Europe. She is passionate about teaching mindfulness in an accessible, practical and trauma-sensitive way. In Louise's talk, you will learn about the relationship between mindfulness and art and how Manchester Art Gallery uses creativity to support people to learn and practice mindfulness.

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Mindfulness in Schools and Education

Liz Lord is a teacher and trainer at the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre. She is based in Manchester having spent the last 6 years as a senior researcher and the school's liaison lead for the MYRIAD project at the Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. She is passionate about communicating the latest scientific research in ‘Mindfulness for schools’ effectively to the Education community and beyond. Before joining the OMC, Liz worked as a school teacher and part of the Senior Leadership Team in a Pupil Health Referral Unit in Salford where she taught mindfulness to pupils and led its implementation. Previously, she was an Assistant Head at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital school. Liz has taught mindfulness courses to teachers, heads, parents and educational psychologists. She has an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches from Bangor University, where her particular interest was looking at mindfulness for school teachers.

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Co-presenting with Liz Lord

Lucy has been an educator and senior leader in schools both in the U.K and Thailand for more than two decades.  After many years of her own mindfulness practice, she went on to become a qualified Mindfulness and Yoga teacher for both children and adults. This eventually led Lucy to become the Director of Mindfulness at United World College in Thailand, where was privileged to serve  teachers, parents and students in building a mindful culture together. Now Lucy is working freelance as a mindfulness consultant and is studying for her Masters in the ‘Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health’ with Kings college in the U.K to gain a deeper understanding of mental health and its connection to different disciplines.

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Social Mindfulness as Strategy for Renewal 

Mindfulness is a radical act of self-love in a traumatised society, where the souls of hungry ghosts are never satisfied. Mark will explain how 'social mindfulness' enacts a strategy that can empower organisations and communities to meet the challenges of our times.

Mark is a leading advocate and practitioner of 'social mindfulness', which applies a social, embodied, educational process to organisational change. He played a key role in establishing the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC), acted as OMC Workplace Champion, and was the first to adapt MBCT to adapt the best-selling self-help book, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World to the workplace. Then, shifting the emphasis from a cognitive therapeutic model to a systemic approach, he developed Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education (MBOE), which was trialed with NHS hospital staff to improve wellbeing, patient care, and organisational culture. The MBOE curriculum is the first of its kind, a 'moderated low dose Mindfulness-Based Programme' to be recognised by the British Associate of Mindfulness-Based Organisational Approaches and the Dutch Mindfulness Teachers' Association. He lectures on 'social mindfulness' internationally, is an advisor to the Mindfulness Network for People of Colour, and is collaborating to develop inclusion training for Mindfulness Teachers in Europe.



The Courage to Love

William is the Founder of the Mindfulness Network for People of Colour. MNPC is a community interest company with a focus on programs for people of colour and establishing a sitting practice. To support, resource and explore ways of managing life and positive identity through Mindfulness.



Waiting Well

Waiting Well - how mindfulness can change your relationship with cancer and prepare you for the journey ahead.  Whether you have been diagnosed yourself or are in a cancer family - this talk shares ideas on how mindfulness may bring about unexpected changes.  

With a long-standing mindfulness practice, Lavinia became a mindfulness teacher in 2019 shortly after her breast cancer diagnosis.  She has spent her career to date working in the public sector both in the NHS in Manchester and the education sector. She now delivers mindfulness to both individuals and corporate clients through bespoke packages and traditional mindfulness eight-week programmes. 



Mindfulness in Grief

This talk will share the ways in which mindfulness can help to support the grieving process and help people to move forward in grief. Lucy will share her own story of personal growth following the loss of her twin brother and daughter, and discuss ideas to help people in grief start a simple mindfulness practice. This talk is suitable for anyone as grief is universal and grief doesn’t always have to be directly related to the loss of a person.

With nearly a decade in Psychiatric Nursing, Lucy became a mindfulness teacher after the loss of her daughter in 2017. Lucy’s experience of using mindfulness to help ease some of the secondary experiences of grief led her on a path to want to help others affected through baby loss. Lucy now uses her personal, clinical and experiential knowledge to help families across the globe understand and practice mindfulness. She now develops baby loss-specific mindfulness resources, sessions and eight-week mindfulness baby loss courses to help support families in grief. To find out more about her work visit



Mindful Movement: Moving with Compassion

Please note: For space reasons, Amy will be hosting her sessions in the foyer. In these sessions, you will be invited to slow down and listen to the wisdom of the body. Through a series of gentle, explorative movements, Amy will facilitate the Mindful Movement session at our festival. She is a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Embodiment Coach. Amy specialises in supporting individuals experiencing stress, burnout, chronic pain and fatigue conditions. Cultivating awareness is at the heart of everything she teaches. With this insight, she guides people to compassionately work with their body and felt sense to explore new options. This can lead to profound shifts in how we think, feel, move, relate and be. Her aim is to empower others; making this work practical, relatable and easy to integrate into our everyday modern lives. Her approach is trauma-sensitive, inclusive and accessible. She teaches from her lived experience of a pain and fatigue condition, alongside her ongoing practice and training in mindfulness meditation, pain science, nervous system regulation, embodied coaching, yoga and somatic movement. No change of clothes is required for participants and Amy will offer multiple options in the session, to meet different people's requirements. The session will be suitable for all levels of experience and practice. 

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The Cross-Cultural Dimension of Mindfulness: An Asian Perspective

Nikhila is Country Director, Centre for Mindfulness India. Nikhila's discovery of Mindfulness has allowed her to explore and live life to the fullest by finding its value in her various roles as an employee, spouse and mother amongst others. In her roles of a Country Lead and a Mindfulness Teacher, she envisions to pay this forward by helping everyone live life mindfully and eventually to do her part in making this Earth a better place for our future generations. She is excited by the opportunities in the field of Applied Mindfulness, the possibility of achieving the balance that might be missing in people's lives to build a strong foundation for personal and spiritual growth. And the most exciting part for her is that Mindfulness applications do not just create growth and clarity at an individual level but also contribute to positive growth in our community, society and the world where everyone co-exists beautifully.

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Rainbow Mind LGBTQ+ Project

Rainbow Mind is a collaborative project between Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest and Mind in Salford, aiming to tackle mental health issues for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.
At a time when LGBTQ+ issues have never been more in the spotlight, and with a disparity between the number of LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing mental ill health and the rest of the population (the average is 1 in 4 people in any given year, but in the LGBTQ+ community can reach levels as high as 70%), Rainbow Mind hopes to address this growing need for support in key areas of the UK.

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Festival Host 

Christoph is the founder of The Manchester Mindfulness Festival. His vision is simple: To organise an event in central Manchester that makes Mindfulness more accessible to both beginner and advanced practitioners, without bells, whistles or territoriality, but with inclusion, collaboration, and respect for the integrity and essence of Mindfulness.

He is a certified Mindfulness teacher, Learning & Development professional, and also teaches on the app, Insight Timer. His personal development book, ‘Life of a Lifetime,’ is published by Business Expert Press, NY. Christoph is particularly fascinated by the intersection of neuroscience, Mindfulness and spirituality. He is studying for a Master’s degree in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University. For MBSR courses with Christoph, visit his website.

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Event Support 

& Meditations in the foyer

I am a Mindfulness Teacher, on the Teacher Training Pathway with the Mindfulness Network, studying for a Master's in Mindfulness at Bangor University and a Trustee (Deputy Chair) of The Mindfulness Network. More info at I am also a Street Wizard at Street Wisdom (street-based creativity and mindfulness workshops). You can watch my TED talk on Street Wisdom, here. My quest is to use mindfulness as a tool to support individuals and businesses in the areas of wellbeing, productivity and an overall improved approach to living. My approach combines a passion for mindfulness, a range of teaching qualifications and understanding of the business world based on 30+ years of experience.